Monday, February 2, 2009

Guess who got asked to prom

Guess who got asked to prom?
On Thursday morning he asked her if he could drive her home after school, forgetting she had an orthodontist appointment she said yes. At lunch time he texted her to make sure that it was still going to work out because he has a surprise for her. But she told him she had an appt and would not be there after school. He says, okay call me when you get back, I'll come over.

Unfortunately, we had a 40 minute wait to see the orthodontist (that never happens) so by the time we got back to town, Tink had 15 minutes to change and get to the basketball game. He was now coming over after the game.

So after the very exciting basketball game - we lost by 1, but it was a great game. He came over.

Walked in, handed her the roses and asked is she would go to prom with him. Which she responds very quickly YES. Hubby then pipes in and says "What are you asking her for, you're suppose to be asking me first?" Kinda went over his head! But then I said to him "Only if she can borrow a dress" (meaning from his older sister-who babysat for us for 3 summers) Also went over his head. LOL

I worked with his mom at the bank, (she has since left the bank) Her & I were in a department together when she was pregnant with him. So we know the family pretty well.
I think he "likes" Tink and Tink is saying "just friends"
Anyway I told her MONTHS ago that if she got asked as a freshman, she would be borrowing or buying used. I can't justify big bucks on a one wear dress for a freshman. She was working me, showing me dresses on the Internet, finding some reasonably priced, and she ALMOST had me. But then I told her just to call and talk to D - (the boy's sister) and we went to go look at her dresses and she had one that was pretty close to what Tink had been looking at on the Internet. Fits perfect. We just need to have to dry cleaned because the mom accidentally drug part of it through the mud when they moved . I can deal with the dry cleaning vs the price of a new dress. And I told Tink that I would spring for the shoes since we didn't have to pay for the dress.
Lord help me, she's growing up!

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Lucky Wife/Bookaholic said...

You know, my MIL owns a flower shop and I have never seen roses like those-tie dyed-looking ones.
They are really neat.