Monday, September 21, 2009

yaa yaa yaa

Yaa yaa yaa...! I know I haven't been around here much, okay at all, but i've been lurking at all your sights. Saying I've been busy seems like a lame excuse and it is, but I have been and with a total lack of creative juices to write anything that doesn't sound like a bunch of dreaded dribble. My biggest problem is that by the time I have 2 minutes to write up a blog, i've forgotten what it was I was going to talk about.

So take today for instance, i'm extremely tired after working the weekend (& dealing with the wacked out druggie last night) and completely overwhelmed to the upcoming busy week so everything in my head is not the upbeat perkiness I would like to portray. In fact I would like to just stick my tongue out and tell a couple people where they can go.

So you guys ask me a question. Maybe that will get me back in the swing .