Friday, February 27, 2009

Small Pleasures

Happiness in the small pleasures is tring to decide whether to make Tink's lunch before OR after my shower then realizing it's Friday and she eats at school on Fridays. (Pizza Hut Fridays) Whoot Whoot!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

President's Day

So, yesterday I had the day off for President's Day. And hubby took it off too.

He was hoping to get "lucky", but I had other plans. (insert evil laugh)
(side note - notice the new paint color on the walls above - we finished painting on Sunday, - now he just needs to finish the wiring and start the trim) (Jordan do you see you're apron?)

Seriously, he was aware of the carpets getting cleaned when he took the day off.
And he took me to lunch too

Well at least one of us got to relax!!
When I took the girls to school Monday morning, some school group - the FFA, I think- was doing a seat belt check. If you were wearing your seatbelt you got a piece of candy, but if not then you got a dumb dumb sucker. Luckily every one in the car had their seat belts on and even I got a piece of candy, but WHY did they do this on the one day that I litterally roll out of bed, throw my hair up in a pony, no makeup, to do this? Not on every other day, when my hair is fixed and my face doesn't look all wrinkled and puffy?! WHY?

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sweetheart Swap

A few weeks back, Becca, organized a Sweetheart Swap for some of us. We left her a comment saying we wanted to play and she matched us up with another blogger to whom we sent a little something something for Valentine's Day.

I was very lucky this year as I got to meet two new bloggers!

I had Kelly over at Southern Drama Mama. Go check her out. I had not previously been a Kelly reader, but now that I have met her I have added her to my list of friends.

Nadine got my name and she sent me this fluffy pink & blue scarf and some of her famous toffee. However, I have NO picture of the toffee as my food seeking, selfish, piggy family ate it ALL!!

Love the scarf! Thanks Nadine!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ut Oh!

So hubby and I are at parent teacher conferences, my cell phone rings. It's Tink wanting to know if she can hang out - ride around - with her friend Leah, and these 2 boys. We let her, she had like 40 minutes between dance class and dance team.

We get home, doing our thing. Watching Biggest Loser, blog surfing. Door bell rings.

Leah's dad "I'm here to get Leah"

Me: "Leah's not here."

LD: "That's what I thought." turns & leaves

I shut the door and was like ut oh somebody's in trouble! Texting Tink that I'm pretty sure Leah's in trouble (and i'm pretty confident that Tink's at dance team - or get kicked off)

Door bell rings and in walks Leah. "Tink here?"

Hubby: "No, but your dad was just here."

Leah: "What did you tell him? What did he say?" She's like freaking

Hubby: "We told him you weren't here.

She's back out the door and running down the street.

Sum body's in trub ble!

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Have you heard of the DivaCup? I was reading in my local newspaper the frugel article "Spend a little to save a lot" by Sara Noel. And in this she mentioned the DivaCup. I was curious, so I googled it and this is what I found. Tell me what you think.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What are you saying

So today, so far, I have received
(for my B-day)
Two gift certificates to the massage ?? parlor? store,
which is awesome cuz the massage therapist does an awesome job

And this bauble that says "BELIEVE" - which I ABsolutely L O V E

But are my friends & family trying to tell me something?

Monday, February 2, 2009

Guess who got asked to prom

Guess who got asked to prom?
On Thursday morning he asked her if he could drive her home after school, forgetting she had an orthodontist appointment she said yes. At lunch time he texted her to make sure that it was still going to work out because he has a surprise for her. But she told him she had an appt and would not be there after school. He says, okay call me when you get back, I'll come over.

Unfortunately, we had a 40 minute wait to see the orthodontist (that never happens) so by the time we got back to town, Tink had 15 minutes to change and get to the basketball game. He was now coming over after the game.

So after the very exciting basketball game - we lost by 1, but it was a great game. He came over.

Walked in, handed her the roses and asked is she would go to prom with him. Which she responds very quickly YES. Hubby then pipes in and says "What are you asking her for, you're suppose to be asking me first?" Kinda went over his head! But then I said to him "Only if she can borrow a dress" (meaning from his older sister-who babysat for us for 3 summers) Also went over his head. LOL

I worked with his mom at the bank, (she has since left the bank) Her & I were in a department together when she was pregnant with him. So we know the family pretty well.
I think he "likes" Tink and Tink is saying "just friends"
Anyway I told her MONTHS ago that if she got asked as a freshman, she would be borrowing or buying used. I can't justify big bucks on a one wear dress for a freshman. She was working me, showing me dresses on the Internet, finding some reasonably priced, and she ALMOST had me. But then I told her just to call and talk to D - (the boy's sister) and we went to go look at her dresses and she had one that was pretty close to what Tink had been looking at on the Internet. Fits perfect. We just need to have to dry cleaned because the mom accidentally drug part of it through the mud when they moved . I can deal with the dry cleaning vs the price of a new dress. And I told Tink that I would spring for the shoes since we didn't have to pay for the dress.
Lord help me, she's growing up!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to my honey!! He is 41 today -
(way older than me) LOL

Sorry you got me in the pic, I don't know how to crop!