Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas-with words

I downloaded a bunch of pics, I haven't quite got the concept of what order I am suppose to download them to get them in the order I want, but here we go......

Tate get jealous if he thinks anybody else might be hugging or cuddling, and he has to worm his way in........

and he's really jealous of Buster

Tate got a new toy for Christmas and he absolutely LOVES it!!! Plus he is the only one not to beg me to not post the "bad" morning pictures like some of the occupants who shall remain nameless of this house, umm right Tink!

Christmas Eve we went to Church. We were asked to light the Advent Candle. It was a very nice service, then we drove around looking at Christmas lights. I needed a few things from the grocery store for the meal to be made the next day. So we left home 30 minutes early before church and drove across town (yea, I know it's only a mile, but still it was all the way across town) and the grocery store was CLOSED!!! I couldn't believe it! Then we drove to the other grocery store and it was closed too! I knew they closed for Christmas day, but I don't remember them closing early for Christmas Eve. I really just needed 2 apples for the stuffing recipe, I could skip the salad. After we got to church I started scoping the congregation for whomever I thought might have some apples. Yes, okay I have no shame. I needed apples. My brain works one day at a time and I didn't get my grocery supply list done. Luckily our friends were there and she had apples. All was saved!

Christmas day, Boo actually didn't get us up till 8:15. (Good Girl) They quickly ripped through their presents. My mom & dad & hubby's sister came over for lunch. Mom & Dad just happened to have an extra turkey in their freezer, so we had that with all the fixins--mashed potatoes, stuffing, (mine-with applies & my moms) sweet potatoes, corn, rolls. It was a nice day. Only I thought they would all go home early enough that we could run to Kearney for a movie and that didn't happen, but I can live with that.

On Friday we had my whole family over. Mom & dad, my brother, his wife & two kids, my sister, her hubby and two kids and my brother's older daughter and her BF. Our tradition has always been lasagne. My sister made one and I made one. Hubby made sure to serve from my sister's pan first so he could have any of the leftovers. :) It was a nice night too!

Saturday was back to the real world, as I had to work at the hospital. :(

Tink really did beg me not to post her morning pics on my blog, and there really are more pics of the kids then the dog, but I DID post them to facebook...but I didn't "tag" her and she thanked me on my wall! LOL
Hopefully you can tell from this one picture that she had a really nice Christmas!

They both did!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas schedule

We started our Christmas on Sunday with Hubby's family-dad, step-mom, sisters. This was at my house. We had soup. I made chicken noodle and step-mom brought chili, and we just had a lot of different finger foods in fill in around the soup. Hubby's niece had to be to work by 2 so it was all really early, which was nice. My MIL was so appreciative that I offered to host that she brought me a thank you gift and that was so sweet - a Santa figurine that I absolutely LOVE!

Monday, hubby & I went to Kearney and finished our shopping, well most of it. There were a few things that I got in town yesterday. School got out yesterday at noon and I think the girls spent the day doing nothing!

Tonight our family was asked to light the advent candles for church tonight, then, i'm hoping, we can go look at Christmas lights. We haven't done that at all yet this year! I'm hoping it can just be a nice quiet family night.

Christmas day will be at my house. My parents and hubby's sister & niece. Basically, any of our family members that don't have anywhere else to go. My mom has a turkey that we are going to fix. Hubby & I weren't planning on turkey, but mom already had it in her freezer. I've never cooked a turkey before. Hubby has fried one before, but we didn't want to mess with that. Hubby is kinda freaking out about it. He keeps saying why can't they cook it and just bring it over with them. and I'm like, cuz my mom's turkey is ALWAYS dry!! It will be fine. I looked up on the Internet some tips.

Friday, we will have my family, again at my house. Traditionally, my family celebrated on Christmas Eve and we always have lasagna. Well we've been able to keep the lasagna, but with all our different jobs -my brother works in law enforcement and my sis in a nursing home -neither of which close-we've had to jiggie around the date.

So there is my Holiday schedule. Just in case you were wondering! LOL

I work the weekend at the hospital. :(

I hope each of you have a glorious Holiday and may the spirit of Christmas be in your hearts!

Thursday, December 18, 2008


My SIL has a history of expecting help (financial and otherwise) from others but she expects this help on her terms. I've always struggled with this. I'm not saying that i'm not willing to help her out, but I don't appreciate her expecting the help and on her terms.

So last night, at 10:30 she TEXT hubby to say that she didn't have any hot water and could she come for a shower. Tink & Hubby had not showered yet either. Hubby text her back, "NOW"

SIL "either 10:45 tonight or at 5:45 am tommorrow."

What kind of choices are those. I was already in bed, Tink brings the phone into me to read, why I don't know, it's not my sister! I just responded with "ugg" . AND if she REALLY was in a bind why in H E L L did she just not call on the phone vs. texting.


I don't know why it bugs me, but I got to thinking about what I would have done in the same situation. I think I would have a) taken a very fast cold shower or b) heated some water up on the stove for a quick bath or c) gone without for a day.

I tend to try to take care of things myself instead of asking for help. I don't like to ask for help. Her first response is expect someone else to deal with it for her. And as my dear friend pointed out this morning, that is a difference is personalities. Okay yes it is, but it still bugs me!


What would you do if you had no hot water? And needed to take a shower? Would you call a relative or close friend to see if you could shower at their place? And then say you could only come at 10:45 pm or 5:45 am? I have a story, I just want to know what you think. - Sorry if that is vague. I am the supplier of the hot water. And i'm just really trying to decide if my SIL is that stupid of a user or if i'm maybe just overreacting to be irritated about it.

Anyway....in other Tracie news. I've come to work with yet another headache. I am not prone to headaches. Sometime during the monthly hormonal fluctuation I get a headache, but this one has been pretty constant for at least the last week & 1/2. Monday it was in the back and my neck and shoulder were so tight I was starting to question if I was getting the flu, yesterday it felt like sinus pressure, so I thought well maybe I'm getting a sinus infection and today my neck is stiff again but there is just a dull ache right in the middle.

Last night I made an angel food cake for a funeral at my church today. I was also working on some cookies while it baked and talking to my sister on the phone. I knew enough to put the phone down while I took the cake out of the oven and inverted it on the bottle. I grabbed the first hot pad out of the drawer which was a crocheted hot pad with holes in it (not holes like it needs to be replaces, but like holes between the stitches) and I didn't even think about it, reached in with that hot pad and my finger grabbed the oven rack. To which I said *@#$&%^! Then I tried to invert the cake on the bottle, thought I had it lined up but instead but the bottle through the cake! To which I said *&^%$#@! Finally got back on the phone and my sister said "what the hell is going on over there?" The rest of the night I kept hoping that the hole in the cake wouldn't be that noticeable. But......needless to say I sent hubby back to the store at 9:15 to get another cake mix. So you say, at least you have a cake you could do something with now. Well you'd think. But as soon as hubby & Tink realized the first cake was a flop they were like ravenous animals on fresh kill. This morning Boo says "Mom, why did you only make 1/2 a cake?"

Now, everybody sing ..."The weather outside is frightful..." okay that's enough. I think I made my point.

Christmas shopping was very frustrating on Monday. I don't know how my husband and I can have the same conversation and both have a completely different opinion on what we decided!

Well I think I have bored you enough, if you made it this far. Have a great day!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Good day

Well it's been a pretty good day!

1) My immediate supervisor was gone today - so good day in its self.
2) I was named June's BF!
3) I won an apron from Lucky wife & Mom of 2 girls!
4) I have a date with my hubby and get this other adults for grown up activities!!
5) I had my hair done! - with some new colors. I can't just go dark, like is the style, so she put some dark touches in

So I might go buy a lottery ticket.......

Have a great weekend!


am I wide awake at 3:00 am
sound asleep at 6:00 am?

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Where are my jeans?

This morning we are getting to ready to go. Boo is in a hither because she can’t find any jeans and just won’t take my word that there are NONE in the laundry. Because evidently she must think I hide her clothes. ?

I said “Did you check that pile of clean clothes in your room?”

Boo: all huffy “MOM, they are NOT it there.”

Me: Well maybe when you get home from school you should try putting away that PILE of clothes then you would be able to find what you needed”

Boo: “No mom they are not in there I already looked”

Me: See previous comment.

Boo: Glare

Me: (to the tune of “If you’re happy and you know it”) “ If you love your mommy put a smile on your face, if you love your mommy put a smile on your face.”

Boo: Glare

Me: If you love your mommy put a smile on your face, if you love your mommy put a smile on your face.”

Boo: cracked a laugh and stomped off wailing “that’s not fair!”

I think I won that one, but the clothes WILL NOT be put away either, ….so maybe it’s a draw.


Tuesday, December 9, 2008


This is what we woke up to this morning. I wish I could add the sound of the wind.


Sunday, December 7, 2008


I did it! I'm still cringing too! I deleted my spaces account. I think, okay hope, that was the right thing to do. I started over there and met alot of great people, and even though I haven't met anyone over here yet, I think it is easier to use.

Anyway, shopping yesterday, was almost a complete waste of time. SO MANY PEOPLE! Drives me nuts! We did finish the 3 nieces, but everyone else is like ??? no clue what to get. So we did alot of walking around. And every time I turned around hubby had wondered off. He's worse than a kid! Seriously!

But we now have several options for the kids. But we can't decide. I've been wanting to get the girls TVs for their rooms with DVD players, I wouldn't let them have cable, but they like to watch movies in their rooms and are constantly fighting over the portable DVD player. These are kinda pricey.

Tink really wants a new cell phone and a slim digital camera.

Boo wants an IPOD, a cell phone. A cell phone for her would be cheap enough. She could have my old one (cuz i'd really like to get a blackberry-I think) or there are some on line for free or .99. But the IPOD is way more.

I keep asking hubby what he thinks, but, and he does what drives him crazy when people do this to him, doesn't ever answer the question directly. And kinda just keeps talking in circles. ??
What to do, what to do....we can't afford all of it.

But it sounds like we need to be thankful that we have such a problem, because that means all of our needs are met!

Finally, I made a great super tonight. Well okay I made super tonight. First time all week. But then Tink went to youth group - they were all going to go eat Chinese and hubby had a meeting. So it was just me & Boo. We liked it, Chicken Parmesan, but we could have just as easy had cereal. Oh well! At least that can't say I never cook! LOL

Saturday, December 6, 2008

I am a loser!

I know, I know
for not posting more often!

We had a very nice Thanksgiving. At my sisters. She & her hubby did all the cooking. It was great. All I had to do was show up! So relaxing! And I didn't even end up having to work at the hospital because my co-worker (that I work with on the weekends) wanted the extra hours and offered to work it for me!! YEA!! (Thanks N!)

But there have been a few things going on.

Tink got into MAJOR trouble! I would not have blogged about the details here anyway because I don't wont the whole world to know, but it has been emotional for all of us.

My BIL, my above sister's hubby, got yet another DUI Friday night after he wrecked his vehicle. And he checked himself into a treatment center. And again he barely blew over the legal limit, but it's still over. He isn't a stumbling drunk nor is his consumption a lot, he just doesn't make wise decisions. He tries so hard to please people that sometimes in order to get the acceptance he puts himself at risk. But hopefully he will get the help he needs because this has been very difficult on my sister!

My community has lost yet another teenager this week. That makes 3 since April! One due to natural causes - he had had an heart condition his whole life, but during PE he wasn't feeling well and went to the restroom and that is where the students the teacher sent to go check on him found him. The next 2 from senseless car accidents. Neither had been drinking or screwing around just bad driving decisions. I just try to remember that as traumatic as it is to lose young people that for whatever reason it was God's plan.

I have the whole weekend off so I'm going to try to get a big push going on the holiday shopping & baking this weekend. And as you can see I am using my time wisely on the computer! LOL

But I do think I just heard the dryer buzz, so I probably better get busy!!