Friday, October 31, 2008


Happy Halloween!
Here's our Jacks
Do you see Tink standing in the door? No not the one just hanging around, the other door.
Boo's design

Hubby's design
Some lady even asked if we carved those and how great they were.
I don't know if she was on a sugar brain surge or what,

Some of our visitorsL

My niece's
a princess (I think) and Gabriella from High School Musical 2

My sista -
she won't shut up long enough to get a good pic.

Elaina -
our pastor's great-granddaughter

And finally the group!

Boo's friend is having a slumber party tonight for her b-day
so they all went trick or treating as a group. And the best part is that her mom
took them all! WooYoo!!
It's a gorgeous night out tonight High 60s, no wind - perfect
Not like the nights I did take kids, when it was cold, and windy and misting.
And the moment you have all been waiting for
drum roll please...........

The cheer costume!
(please notice that no foul language was used - thought but not actually used-
I get points for that)

It's not my best work, but I think it could have turned out way worse and she would have loved it. Because I made it, for her. Notice she only made out with one pom that I had to make her go back to the car to get.

Ew, i shoulda closed the doors to the desk before I took that pic.

Halloween Tradition

Every year at work, on Halloween day, we get a visit from Witchie Poo.
Witchie Poo is one of our employees alter egos.
The first year she did this, she got SO many employees caught off guard, especially the guys!
I meant to bring my real camera and I forgot, so I took these with my cell phone, so the quality is a little blurry.
It is so much fun! She just cackles and laughs! And asks if you've been naughty or not. The more naughty you admit to, the more candy or loot she gives. Some of the things she says -
Zingers, she can totally slam people (things you wouldn't really say to their face) then cackle, they laugh too and it's all okay
Her "new" socks

Here she is handing out the loot

I e-mailed these pictures to everyone at work too this morning, and she brought me out another piece of candy and a plastic frog because I had been extra naughty!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Not around

I haven't been around much this week. Boo decided last week that she wanted to be a cheerleader for halloween. So guess who has been sewing all week? I just have some finishing touches and it should be done. A real seamstress would fall down laughing if she could she my work, but for a halloween costume it will do. Right now I am the "best mommy ever". Atleast until the next time I ask her to clean her room or unload the dishwasher then we'll be back to "that's not fair".

Assuming the costume fits, i'll post pics.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Pray for me!

OH Pray for me!
Tink just passed her leaner's permit driver's test!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Just shoot me!

I swear to GOD I am surrounded by stupid people! (No not you guys)

Last night, I took Tink out to our local one stop store – like a Wal-mart only a whole lot smaller. I don’t got out there very often because every time I go out there I leave severely ticked off. But Tink needed some khaki pants for her vocal music concert tonight since the pair she has she can’t button and since the weather was so bad yesterday – rain turning to snow, high winds- we could not go to Kearney.

We pull into the parking lot and there is one spot near the building open, because the rest of parking lot is under water—seriously. But the car next to this one parking spot has their driver’s door open but they are loading something into their trunk. So I start pulling in slowly, thinking they would like you know SHUT their door. NO. They finished loading whatever they were doing then went into the building with the car door still hanging open. So I squeezed in anyway. IDIOTS!

We find some pants that she’s willing to wear, she grabs the size she thinks she needs. She didn’t want to try them on because she had just gotten out of v-ball practice and only had on her spandex (no undies). I looked at the priced. $27.99. To which I shrieked and said to Tink “I wouldn’t pay this much for pants if we were at name brand store.” Well, I might, but she better LOVE them!! But I was NOT expecting that prices at the discount store. But we had to have them. So now I’m irritated.

Then we proceed to the checkout. This boy she knows that use to be our neighbor was working out there and Tink didn’t want to go to his line, so we go to what APPEARS to be the next shortest. Get in line behind “Tom”. Now around here all you gotta say is “Tom” was there and everyone just goes “Ahh” and shakes their head. You don’t have to explain cuz everyone knows him.

Let’s just say, “Tom” believes he lives in the pioneer days. Dressed cowboy to the hilt during the day. Cross-dresser by night. People have spotted him out & about shopping dressed as an attractive woman – except for all that facial hair. “Tom” likes to get the reaction out of people. He’s also the, I guess you call it nice-rude. He’s very polite but he asks you do things for him that are so outlandish that you wouldn’t do for any other customer. And he pushes until you are so exasperated.. I could go on & on, but hopefully you get the point.

ANYWAY, so we’re in line behind Tom, he then leaves the line at the end of him being checked out and comes back with this big-A jug of whiskey. Of course the kid working the checkout line is not old enough to sell it so he has to ask for help. So the lady comes over deals with the alcohol tells Tom his total and he says “Well, I gotta go back out to the pickup and get my checkbook” I just rolled my eyes and shook my head!

In the meantime the lady that came to help with the alcohol opens another lane. So we move over there. But this other couple got in front of us. The couple from above with the car door. All she has is a Big-A jug of Vodka and a Nestle ice cream bar. (And I’m now thinking what’s up with all the big-A jugs of Alcohol) and she has ONES to pay for it. She’s shuffling through her money and says I know I have a ten in here somewhere and money is falling and it’s all crinkled up.

I looked at Tink and said “Just shoot me! Shoot me now!”

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

It says what?!

This past Sunday at Sunday School we were having the lesson on Abraham and Sarah and God giving them a baby and being patient for God's gifts. The kids were taking turns reading the lesson story and the scripture story from the Bible. I have 4th & 5th graders

First I must say that I do not care for the Bibles that are in the rooms for the kids to use. One of our previous lessons, the scripture did not match the papers that we were trying to do. Then I got out the one Adventure Bible and it matched word for word. There use to be Adventure Bibles for kids in all the Sunday School rooms. Those were easier reading and have little boxes that give an example of the scripture lesson to put it into perspective for the kids. I'm not sure what happened to them, but they have been replaces by these others. I'm not sure what the version of these are, but for kids, I don't like them.

Anyway, one the 4th grade boys in the class was reading the bible verse and it came to a part about Sarah being past the age of still having her monthly period. He blushed slightly, said the word period like it was grotesque, but he kept going and didn't have much of a reaction and none of the other kids did. So I thought, whew, got through that okay.

He kept reading then it said something, and I'm paraphrasing, it was Sarah talking "am I still young enough to enjoy sex?" He fumbled over those words turn 10 shades of red. And I said "Does it REALLY say that?" He started snickering, and the other teacher said "YES it really says that!" And the whole room burst into laughter. He was so embarrassed.

But it kinda was funny, mostly just his & my reactions I think.

I really need to ask the pastor what happened to those other Bibles.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Men at Work

This was the activity at my house last Saturday. I didn't get a "before" picture before they started but this is pretty close - just imagine the window surronded by "berry berry" sheet rock. Tate was in the middle of it!

I was trying to catch them just standing around!

My dad, hubby, & Kyle

I didn't get an "after" shot either. The door works, but hubby is going to add an outlet and a switch for some lights outside. Then the sheet rock will needto be replaced and then more dust, etc. etc. Maybe by this time NEXT year!

Friday, October 17, 2008


Although not June quality, here are pics of 2 of the cakes I made this past week for Tink's birthday. The third cake is not going to materialize. Please keep in mind that this was my first frosting experience. I was a frosting virgin. And though it was slightly messy there was a fair amount of enjoyment and I will probably try again.

The below cake is the one we ate for the family party the night of Tink's Birthday. Yes those are those cake candies that you buy at the store. They were Tinkerbell and that is what Tink wanted. I used purple frosting because that's what I had left over from the first cake. I was trying for a lime green for the edge. I had the neon food coloring & the decorations said green & pink, but the pink and purple lids BOTH had pink lids and I accidentally grabbed by purple and I just couldn't get past this baby poop green color. LOL

The next 3 pics. are the cake that we took to the volleyball team dinner on Wednesday. The "freshman" were in charge of the food so I thought since it was her actual birthday day that cake & ice cream would be fun. The girls were all so nice and the following adjectives were used: cute, fun, yummy.

I don't know what Hoorah means, other than it's printed on their t-shirts and they say it sometime after they score a point. I'm just the mom!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

15 years

Happy 15th Birthday Tink!!!

I can't believe it's been 15 years. It just seems like yesterday that we brought her home from the hospital. Just the other day that she & I had some major toddler power struggles. Just the other day she started kindergarden. Just the other day....

(excuse me while I go dry my eyes)

Now she's a 5'7" freshman in high school! A super sweet girl and i'm SO proud of her!!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Columbus Day

I have the day off! WooHoo!!! It's great! I love a day off!

I had MANY things to get done today. And I should have made a list. Cuz my brain had gone all ADD on me. It's seems I start something, move on to the next thing without finishing the first thing. Can't get organized. feel like I haven't gotten much done, because the house is kinda in disaray due to the ADD thing, but I have been busy most of the morning (well until I logged on to the computer) I have:

taken Tink to school
went to the grocery storey-before my shower even and my hair was ohhhohhh
baked a cake
beat the dog-no not really, but we did have words-he is SO naughty
Cleaned out the front coat closet
changed the mouse on the computer.

And now I really should make a list for what I want to get done this afternoon. But.... I probably won't, I'll just keep pinballing around.

The repair shop came to get my car, they changed the water pump last week/2wks ago and my "Low Coolant" lite came on yesterday while the girls & I were in Kearney. SO hubby thinks my car must have a "slow" leak probably due to that they didn't get something tightened correctly. I called hubby when I noticed the light was one, so he says I will need to add some antifreeze and to watch the heat gauge thing closely, we were almost to Kearney so I told him I thought wal-mart would do that, he agreed. The girls & I went to the mall, did our damage then headed over to wal-mart. I stood in line back at the automotive department to be told "they are not trained for anitfreeze" WHAT!? I stood there and said " they just can't poor some in for me" and the lady was like "NO, they are not trained, yada yada" plus she had this not nice attitude. SO i replied " fine, i'll figure out how to do it myself" and I turned around and walked out. Oh did I mention that it was pouring rain! The girls and I started our shopping, I was almost in tears! Somewhere between complete anger and frustration. We finished up our shopping headed out to the car, in the rain, then I try to figure out how to get the hood open, and where the antifreeze goes. Several phone calls to hubby later, I am trying to the get the cap off the radiator thing and I can not get it off and I am now pissed at hubby for not being there. And please keep in mind that we are in the parking lot of wal-mart. Cars coming and going, cars that contain men, men that the watching this woman standing in the rain messing with the engine portion of her car. And the ONLY person that asked me if I needed any help WAS ANOTHER WOMAN!!! I couldn't ge the cap off to add the antifreeze and I was so mad and wet by this point I just called hubby and said "we are on our way, i'll call you when we overheat!" But, luckily, we made it home without overheating. I kept the vent on blowing cold air into the car just the get the air moving through the engine, hopefully helping to keep whatever cool, beside me & the girls, and I don't know if it helped or not. I hate dealing with that kind of stuff by myself.

When we got home, hubby was like all you should have needed to do was push down and turn, like a medicine cap and it should have came right off. To which I said "prove it" and I marched him right out the garage with my hands on my hips and made him take it off. And he struggled with it, but evently got it off. But he agreed, especailly in the rain when it & my hands were wet, that I probably would not have gotten it off. They just brought my car bill, hopefully they won't charge for this.

Well I better get busy, my day's a wasting!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Free Night?

This week is suppose to be my calm before the storm as next week is just {shudder} overwhelming. This is supposed to be a semi-free week. Tink has a game on Thursday at home. That’s it. I can handle that. So I have all week to bake cookies. Off at 4 on Monday, should be able to get right home and get started.

But then, I promised (and forgotten) Boo a new pair of shoes (and she wasn’t about to forget that-unload the dishwasher yes, new shoes, no) after school, -she went up two shoe sizes, did she need those?-We had NO food, so a trip to the grocery store, and a meeting with a bridal couple for their upcoming wedding, plus the normal taxi driving around picking up & delivering of the children to their many activities. I didn’t get home until 6:30. So much for getting a good start before we had to go to Boo’s parent-teacher conferences at 7:55. Which, I might add, she would appear to be the perfect child. All A’s, the teachers all said that she participates in class, asks questions, can “see” the bigger picture and is just a delight to have in class. Really!? ….She must be different at school.

Anyhoo, I did still manage to get some of cookies baked up last night. But I was left wondering what happened to my "free" night. ?

BUT, tonight……..

Tonight, I again get off at 4 and there is nothing until Tink’s PTC. So I should be able to get started on more cookies right away.


Thursday, October 2, 2008


Hi, my name is Tracie and I’m a slacker.

I haven’t, again, posted in awhile. Seems to be my M.O. I just can’t seem to find the time, energy, or the creativeness. All the blogs I read seem to reek from creative verbage, pictures, and a purpose. Then there are my posts – boring, uncreative. So anyway, that makes it easier to be a lurker vs a blogger.

Here are some of the highlights of the things I did not blog about:

The idiot checker at Wally World that gave my family the new catch phrase “Is this a cold item?”

Volleyball games/cheerleading/dance classes……ie. kids

I’m sure hubby did something pinheaded to blog about, but I don’t remember

Work/Supervisor—Let’s just say I really need to win the lottery!

Church-our youth pastor just up & quit with no notice-which is really a blessing, because there were issues and the kids didn’t like him, and, I am on the committee that deals with the staff AND I’m on the youth council.

October doesn’t look good for posts either. If I make it to the 18th, I’m home free, but until then..

28 dozen cookies
3 birthday cakes
5 volleyball games
2 meetings
1 team supper
1 cheer supper
1 wedding w/rehearsal
Plus working two jobs, and keeping up with the house & kids

I will be lurking, just don’t forget me in my absence!