Thursday, November 27, 2008

Wishing each & every one of you a very
Hope your day is all you wished for!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Well it's been yet another busy week. I've been sitting here at work trying to's a tough job! (remembering)

Monday was escaping me completely, but I finally remembered that I had back to back meetings at church.

Tuesday my dad had knee replacement surgery. Which went very well, and now he is in the recovery/healing process.

Wednesday we had an employee meeting over the lunch hours. Half goes at 11:30 and the other half goes at 12:30. And well, I cooked. For 35 people. Turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, all the fixings. The bank doesn't have a stove or anything so it all had to be in roasters & crockpots. Another co-worker brought a couple of salads and dessert and someone else brought corn. But it went really well, and I received a great amount of praise! (which, you know, is why I did it - haha)

I've been trying to get back into Yoga. Several years ago, I wouldn't miss, but then it just got harder & harder to juggle all the schedules and I gave it up. The Y offers classes twice a week and I aim for both, but usually just make one. This session of classes, there is also a 20/20 cardio/toning class that i've been trying to attend too. But it's at 4:10 and that makes it hard to get there. I've gone twice. (But I think there has only been 4) . On Tuesday I was actually seeing spots! I joked that I was going to start calling the instructor Jillian! (From the Biggest Loser) As she kept saying "DIG DEEP" And i wanted to tell her where she could dig! LOL

Anyway that life so far this week - not much, but an update!!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008


Looks pretty innocent doesn't he?

Well, don't let those handsome good looks fool ya!
He is
Last night, while I was in Kearney, Boo was at a friends, Tink went out to eat with the dance team for a "bonding" night and hubby was out in the garage with my dad building steps for our new patio door this little twerp got the container (with a lid) of cookies off the counter and proceeded to eat himself sick. I'm guessing around 3 dozen cookies.
Now anybody with half a brain knows that you don't leave this little cookie monster alone in the house for ANY length of time. I can't even go downstairs to do the laundry that he doesn't start ripping the house apart.
So guess who was up half the night puking?
Guess who else was up cleaning it up?
(okay not just me, hubby helped, some)
Guess who had to go outside at 2:30 AM and again at 4:00 AM to coax the dog back in the house because he thought he was in trouble and wouldn't come back in by himself?
(Picture this: me in ONLY my bathrobe outside in the cold in the middle of the night trying to bribe a big poodle with a dog biscuit)
Guess who goes right back to sleep and starts snoring and guess who else tosses and turns and is almost back to sleep and hour later when the cookie monster start to hurl again?
Guess who now has 4 extra loads of laundry to do?
Guess who is perfectly fine this morning?

Friday, November 14, 2008

Ready for the weekend!

Who's ready for the weekend??
ME - that's who!!
I think I will run over to Kearney tonight. I want to stop at Hobby Lobby, have a return a JC Penney and need to hit Wally World for the next two weeks of grocerys.
I do have to work at the hospital on Saturday, but won't have to on Sunday since I worked last Sunday due a trade. Yea! I'm looking forward to only having to work one night of the weekend.
AND I am looking forward to sleeping in on Saturday!!!
Have a great weekend to all of you!

Monday, November 10, 2008


So this past weekend we traveled to the big city of Omaha for Boo and her dance class to attend Dance Olympus. On Saturday there was a competion. I found humor in the fact that they were assigned the "Green Room" for their dressing room vs. dressing room 1 or 2, etc.

Here they are in the green room, Boo is right behind this little girl that stepped in front on me right when the picture snapped. LOL

You couldn't take any flash photography in the the auditorium, and I didn't know how to shut my flash off, plus it was pretty dark so they probably wouldn't have turned out anyway - (atleast that's what I'm telling my self) . Here is Boo and her dance mate with their 2 third place trophies! The two teams that beat them in both their Tap and Jazz were VERY good!!

Arn't their costumes just adorable!

Here's a pic. of the hairdo that we had to do. One of the mom's actually gave a demonstration on how we were to do the hair! The hair tutuorial was a little overwhelming, and I told Boo that she was so screwed because she had me to do her hair. But we practiced and I think it turned out pretty cute! Although, she did get a couple of odd looks at the mall! LOL

Frustration 1

So this morning is a perfect example of my growing frustration at home. When I took the 2nd job, hubby said he would “pick up the slack” at home. And when I get home at 11:00 I am exhausted and go straight to bed, not because the work is grueling, many nights it is so boring you want to rip out your hair and count the strands, but just because it’s late, later than I usually go to bed and I know it’s going to be a long week.

As I am getting ready for work this morning, I put my laundry in the basket and notice that it is so full there is a tower going up the wall and I thought to myself it would have been nice if he could have taken this downstairs to the laundry room, but I didn’t say anything.

Move into the kitchen for breakfast. I usually make Tink’s lunch for her. Last night I specifically asked her to make her sandwich, and I got some lip back, but I was very clear that I wanted HER to make the sandwich LAST NIGHT. I open the refrigerator to pack it into her lunch bag – no sandwich. I said “didn’t she make her sandwich like I asked her to?” guess not. The dishes from last night’s supper are still out. The containers that they brought the food to the hospital in laying on the island now with caked dried cold cheese, hamburger still in the skillet, cups all over the counter.

I looked at hubby and said “What did you do last night” (obviously nothing) “Well I took the (new) clothes out of the bags (and put them in the laundry) and you said that you bought the wrong bras (sorry TMI) so I put those in the sack and put them on your dresser.” He’s now looking at me sheepishly and says “I guess, nothing” (no kidding)

I said trying not to cry “I think you need to find the 2nd job.”

“You want ME to get a second job?”

“Well this obviously isn’t working! We’re in worse financial shape now than when I started there 3 years ago.” And not to mention I am completely stressed out!

I grab my toast go sit down at the table, he makes pop tarts for himself & Boo. Tink finally come up and he starts ragging on her because she didn’t make her sandwich. ? I wasn’t going to say anything, just let her pay the consequences of not having done it. But no, he has to start ragging on her, she lips backs, he yells at her for lipping and says “mom doesn’t need this” and I sit there thinking WTH and just shake my head. Whatever buddy, don’t cover your own guilt by yelling at her.

And what really ticked me off last weekend was when he announced he was going hunting all day. WHAT, I’m going to go work all day, first Saturday morning at the bank and then my 2nd job and you’re going to go do what you want without any regard for anything else. Then on Monday when he finds out his boss worked all day I hear “well I screwed up, I should have stayed home and helped Boss” Ya think!

So after having just said (typed) all that, hubby is not a complete jerk, he’s just an oblivious man. This frustration is NOT the reason I so upset the other day, it’s just the easiest to talk about right now. Because we all rag on our hubby’s, it’s in the sisterhood doctrine.

Friday, November 7, 2008


I will vent, cuz I got SO SO SO SO much to vent about, but first i'm off to Omaha to Boo's dance competion thing. Unless ofcourse I start drinking margaritas and am able to drink everything away. - Yea I don't think thats going to happen this is more of a church going do gooders crowd than a let's get drunk in the parking lot soccer people that we usually go places with.

Have a good weekend!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


What do you do when your so frustrated it overwhelms you.

Frustrated at work
Frustrated at home
Frustrated socially.


As a sit here crying trying to understand why I just can't find the positives and thinking the best thing to do is just not let anyone in, build my wall, ?

I'm tired of my best not being good enough
I'm tired of being judged unfairly -especailly from people who have NO right to be judging.
I'm tired of working hard and getting no where.

It's okay I don't expect anyone to comment, I just needed to get it out.