Sunday, April 17, 2011


So skipper had a track meet last Saturday. She is throwing discus & shot, or trying to...Anyway, we were lucky enough to get a parking spot close to the discus area, and since there was still a trace of snow on the ground and it was slighly cool Barbie & I decided to sit in the car until it was time for Skipper to throw. Barbie notices this lady with bright red sweat like pants and with a poop green jacket, so we were already making fun of her for her color choices. Shes on the phone, then we notice that she is crying hard. Musta been a bad phone call. Then a young girl comes up with this guy, she tells the girl, the guy like escapes as fast as he can. Crying women and a teenager, he obviously didn't want any part of it. (Can't blame him) She gets on the phone again, talking pretty loudly, waving her arms, dropping the F bomb and she's now right beside our car, we couldn't help but hear, EVERYTHING.

Evidently, on their way to the track meet, they got a call - her, Kenny (her husband) and Kenny's parents that this girl, Melanie, (Kenny's sister) had overdosed, was coding and died. And she (Melanie)had a two week old baby. So Kenny literally drops her off in the street and leave with his parents to return where they came from. The lady (Have since found out her name is Jenn- I now know way too much about this family) goes on to say This situation has been 12 years in the making, i'm not planning the f'ing funeral, i'm not taking the baby, our lives are not going to stop for this, we have basketball on Sunday and school on Monday and then she'd say I don't know what i'm suppose to do. All the time waving her arms, talking loudly, making a scene.

Okay, I get the situation is upsetting to say the least, I understand the whole range of emotions that hit when you get some horrible news, but I kept thinking what I would be doing if I was her and i'm thinking, first of all, I would have gone across the street to make my phone calls for some privacy, and not played it all out in front of strangers and I know I wouldn't have been using the F bomb where people could here me at a middle school track meet with kids everywhere! She was so making the drama about herself! People that knew her, where then coming up to her and asking and as she explain and went on her rant you could just see their faces glaze over and at the first opportunity they would get the hell out of there! I have since found the Obit for this gal and she was only 26 years old with a two week old baby, and her husband lived out of state so I'm thinking her life wasn't real stable.

I feel a little guilty about the way we were making fun of her, but it was better than any of the drama on the reality shows on tv!