Sunday, April 17, 2011


So skipper had a track meet last Saturday. She is throwing discus & shot, or trying to...Anyway, we were lucky enough to get a parking spot close to the discus area, and since there was still a trace of snow on the ground and it was slighly cool Barbie & I decided to sit in the car until it was time for Skipper to throw. Barbie notices this lady with bright red sweat like pants and with a poop green jacket, so we were already making fun of her for her color choices. Shes on the phone, then we notice that she is crying hard. Musta been a bad phone call. Then a young girl comes up with this guy, she tells the girl, the guy like escapes as fast as he can. Crying women and a teenager, he obviously didn't want any part of it. (Can't blame him) She gets on the phone again, talking pretty loudly, waving her arms, dropping the F bomb and she's now right beside our car, we couldn't help but hear, EVERYTHING.

Evidently, on their way to the track meet, they got a call - her, Kenny (her husband) and Kenny's parents that this girl, Melanie, (Kenny's sister) had overdosed, was coding and died. And she (Melanie)had a two week old baby. So Kenny literally drops her off in the street and leave with his parents to return where they came from. The lady (Have since found out her name is Jenn- I now know way too much about this family) goes on to say This situation has been 12 years in the making, i'm not planning the f'ing funeral, i'm not taking the baby, our lives are not going to stop for this, we have basketball on Sunday and school on Monday and then she'd say I don't know what i'm suppose to do. All the time waving her arms, talking loudly, making a scene.

Okay, I get the situation is upsetting to say the least, I understand the whole range of emotions that hit when you get some horrible news, but I kept thinking what I would be doing if I was her and i'm thinking, first of all, I would have gone across the street to make my phone calls for some privacy, and not played it all out in front of strangers and I know I wouldn't have been using the F bomb where people could here me at a middle school track meet with kids everywhere! She was so making the drama about herself! People that knew her, where then coming up to her and asking and as she explain and went on her rant you could just see their faces glaze over and at the first opportunity they would get the hell out of there! I have since found the Obit for this gal and she was only 26 years old with a two week old baby, and her husband lived out of state so I'm thinking her life wasn't real stable.

I feel a little guilty about the way we were making fun of her, but it was better than any of the drama on the reality shows on tv!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Nickel & Diming

In January we spent $115.14 & 211.04 on Barbie's car for a window switch and a water pump; and in the last 30 days:

Hubby had a low tire, so he took his pickup to the repair shop and got an oil change while it was there $48.97

Then my "low oil" light came on, I have no idea why, but it was time to have my oil changed anyway $31.63.

Barbie comes and gets me out of bell choir at church, she slid on ice and hit her back wheel on the curp. Cracked. $53.41 for a new wheel and $111.07 for the repairs.

Then the other morning as i'm backing out of the drive right behind hubby and he stops at the end of the drive way blocking me in and I was instantly ticked about what in the heck he was doing. I had a flat. Flat flat, on the rim flat. $18.51

Last Tuesday, I left work for the night, got in my car, click click click. Won't start - Crap! We are going to Lincoln on Thursday for State basketball tournaments. I was told probably just a battery. A new alternator and $325.51 later we got to Lincoln & back, twice.

This Tuesday, I had catored my work's monthly lunch meeting and a trunk full of roaster & crock pots. Left for the day, click click click. Just great! And now it needs a battery $78.55. Oh and the radio & clock that I have been mentioning for YEARS that stays on after I shut off the engine and have ALWAYS been told "oh that clock doesn't pull that much from the battery" all of sudden needs to be replaced because of the pull on the battery.

Wednesday, some JackWagon, backs into Barbie's car, smashing the headlight and causing a nice dent in the hood and drives away! She filed a police report and we are hoping that the "cameras" at the school got it recorded. The school did not call me back and the police officer said sometimes it's not the right angle and it's spring break so school won't be open now until Monday.

So far this year we have spent just under $1,000 on vehicle repairs! Following last summer when we spent $1,200 to have the motor replaced in my car.

Seriously, what's next?

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Uptodate life

I know it's been awhile since I posted. Everyday, I think today, i'm going to post, then the day is over and I didn't get anything written. Plus I really stink when it comes to writing. So to get everyone up-to-date with my life here are a list of the highlights in no particular order:

1) I got a different position at my job. Bascially i'm still doing everything I had been doing, but now I sit at the reception desk and answer the phone too. They let 4 people go, which has NEVER happened in the 20 years I have worked there, so basically I'm just happy that I still have a job!

2) Still working 2 jobs, and the baking for hire as picked up; which is good, but keeps me hopping.

3) Hubby & I had an altercation with a young man who tried to be forceful with Barbie. (which translates to wouldn't let her leave, had her pinned down to the bed with unwanted advances) Long story short, hubby knocked him around a little bit and the spineless @#%^$ ran right to the cop shop to report "his" assult. Luckily the officer that responded hubby played softball with this summer. We had issues with this same boy a couple years ago that we could have, probably should have pressed charges on him then, but for many reasons didn't. Barbie was the 2nd girl he has done this to that there are police reports on. Who know how many went unreported. We have alot of support from law enforcement, who confidentially told hubby that they wish he wouldn't have stopped hitting him, and many fathers that told us they would have done the same in that situation. Not that all that makes us feel any better about the whole situation. Hubby's charges got plead down to disturbing the peace, $100 fine. Well worth it for the safety of our daughter .

4) Hubby & I are in the beginning stages of buying out his boss. His boss, mostly the boss's wife, wants to semi-retire and hubby is at the point that he needs to take that next step in his career. So I hope it all works out, but i'm not making any plans until the ink has dryed on the purchase agreement.

5) Skipper played both volleyball & basketball with her school team this year. She really surprised us with her basketball. My mild, even tempered girl was an agressive little machine out the ball court! Barbie played voleyball, cheer & dance teams.

6) Everything just keeps moving along, for me there seems like is no time for anything. Even cleaning my house sometimes. I always feel like i'm playing catch up. I feel like I am stressed out all the time. I haven't discussed this with hubby yet, but if the purchase of the business doesn't go through then we will need to make a drastic move concerning our debt because I just can't continue to work 2 jobs much longer. Life is too short.

7) I signed up for that post a day thing, but you can see how well that worked out for me.....

I'm sure I have forgotten more than I have posted.

Friday, December 31, 2010


Which do you prefer & why? I'm going to start saving for one and I'm just beginning to weigh the pros & cons of each.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Prayers Please

Please say a pray for our friend's son & grandson. He was born with a heart defect and has already undergone 2 heart surgeries and just keeps having complication after complication since the 2nd surgery. This little guy can use all the help he can get!

I hope this link works if you'd like to read his story. (I try, but computer literate I am not)

Thank you!!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Homecoming 2010

It was Homecoming week at our little High School last week. Each day the kids had a different theme to dress by.
Monday - color day
The Juniors had pink

Day 2 - Tourist day

Day 3 - Duct Tape day

Day 4 - Farmer day

Day 5 - Spirit day
It's traditional to get one of the football players jersey's to wear
(We had my parents small dog for a few days and I didn't want him to have free range of my house; so we had to block some doorways)

Dance night!

She didn't have a date this year, but met up with some friends for supper before the dance
and thankfully was home early.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Deal with it

I'm sure most everyone has heard the saying "Put your big girl panties on and deal with it". I've seen bloggers use and I use it ocassionally myself. I saw this is a magazine today and it made me chuckle. Sometimes it's just the way life make you feel.