Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The slacker is back

Last weekend we headed to Omaha for the Jr. Olympics. Tink participated in pole vault. She got 3rd which qualifies her for the Regionals. She vaulted 8’. That’s not a bad vault, but she could/should/has the potential to do better. Needless to say the coach, hubby & I would like to see more effort from her on her training.

Tink started dance camp the next day in Omaha too. So my original thought was that we would stay over and go the zoo. Omaha has a really nice zoo! But when I looked on-line it appeared that the hours were only until 5pm and it was going to cost $45 to get in. So by the time the vaulting got over that only left us a couple hours. Then I heard that the college world series was going on and they share a parking lot, so that would not have been good either. I did an online pricing reservation and we ended up staying at this hotel that had a water resort attached to it. Hubby took Boo there and Tink and I headed to the mall. The mall was unproductive and we decided to go back to the hotel. Well an hour later we made it. This rural driver got in the wrong lane and the other mean drivers wouldn’t let me over so we had to take this turn that took us I don’t know where. But we spotted a sign for the street we were staying on, we took that got on our street, choose to turn right. I looked at the street sign that said 6600 and thought well our hotel is in the 3200 so we have a ways. Got to 2500 & was like WTH when I saw that it said North and we needed to be on South. So we turned around. Drove drove drove. Then Tink says “Mom the numbers are getting bigger, not smaller” WHAT! 13300 – Turn around back the other way. This is were I just start to laugh! I was just a couple blocks from being right the first time. I wasn’t really lost, I just didn’t take the originally planned route!

Tink comes home today. She’s called home very little, which means it’s going good. I had texted her a couple time to which she didn’t respond but then I noticed she had made a comment to a friend on facebook and I was starting to get my nose a little out of shape, but she did finally call. She text this morning to say that she got Blues (which I think means the best) on her dances. Tomorrow she starts volleyball league.

Boo has a softball game tonight. Yea (sarcastic) It’s 95 degrees with 93% humidity and the poor little things are terrible and get their a$$ handed to them every game. 1) half the team is too young for the age division they are playing 2) the rest are the rejects that the “competitive” team didn’t want 3)the coach has had minimal practices, I don’t typical want to rag on the coach because he or she did step up to volunteer when nobody else did, but these little girls need some help!

So that’s a nutshell of my life that I haven’t posted about for weeks! I know, I’m a slacker you can say it, it’s okay.

Friday, June 19, 2009

I am truly pathetic!

I've recently realized just how pathetic my life really is. Tate and I were walking earlier this week through the park, we hadn't been through the park for a few days, and there were 2 new pet "waste disposal" containers. And when I made Tate's "deposit" I did am arm pull whoot. Took a few steps and thought OMG I am truly pathetic I just did an arm pull whoot because there is a new pet waste disposal container. I've done over the deep end here people!

I don't know if it's my addition to FB or if I've just been really busy, I've had lots of entries in my mind and just don't find the time to type them out to post and then I forget. -- Sorry I will try to do better, since I've just given the prime example as to why my life is pathetic I shouldn't have any excuses.