Monday, March 9, 2009

Bleacher Butt & Dead Cell Phones

Basketball basketball basketball. That's pretty much all i've been watching....for the past 2 weeks. Starting with girls districts a week ago last Thursday. And they were and hour & 1/2 away. Then boys districts. I went Thursday, Friday, Saturday, skipped Monday, went Tuesday then girls state basketball tournaments started in Lincoln on Thursday, Friday, Saturday. Tink cheered and/or danced at ALL of that. (Our girls team got 4th at State)

I took Thursday & Friday off to go to the State Tournament in Lincoln, but before I left, I had committed myself to making a cake for work for a surprise coffee time celebration for a co-worker that got married. The bride use to bake/decorate cakes for people. & she was good. She quit after her first husband passed away. So making a cake for her was like preaching to the Pope. A little intimidating. But here is a picture of the finished product.

I know I could use some lessons! other news. My cell phone died a very slow & painful death today. And I am in mourning! I have/had a razer. It fell out of my coat pocket the other night when I was picking Boo & her friends up from the YMCA. And the little hinge thing broke off on one side leaving this ribbon looking thing exposed and now it appears that ribbon thing is tearing. & I'm tearing! (Are those even spelled right? I have NO idea). After work I went to the cell phone store. I am looking at a lavender razor OR a pink blackberry pearl. I can't decide. I'm not even sure what all the blackberry pearl will do. Plus it ups our phone plan considerably! But it's pink and it's cute and somewhere deep inside my tummy I think that's what I want, BUT the lavendar razor is cute too, but pretty much what I have except in color and we would be saving about $11/month. What to do what to do. I'll take suggestions! PLEASE!!


Jane! said...

That cake looks tasty!
As for the cell phone - you know me, I say cheaper is better. I mean if you don't NEED a Blackberry why pay the extra? On the other hand, we've never had good luck with Moto*rolas.

Lucky Wife/Bookaholic said...

I am a bit of a cheap sakes myself, I am the one in the family that gets the 99 cent phones with a new contract.
Careful, I hear crackberres are a bit addictive.

Kat said...

I loved my razr and used it until it fell apart (and it was time for my contract to renew). I was going to just get the free lavendar razr, but NO, Hubby insisted that I get the EXPENSIVE iphone that does everything except wipe your butt although I CANNOT figure out how to make it do any of that crap and I wish I had saved tons of money and more of my sanity and gone with the free razr. Sorry, got on a little of a rant there...

Becca said...

Your cake looks really good!

Be really careful with the crackberry! I have one similar to that and make sure you get unlimited texting and data, or it will get expensive and quickly!

Nadine Hightower said...

Send me a piece of cake...please.

I know nothing about cell phone. Sorry.