Friday, October 30, 2009

While i'm gone

So last night while I was at cake class, hubby & Boo carved the pumpkins.
Meet Jack& his cousin, Jack the second

Normally, I would have liked to help out, but this year with every thing else going on I was extremely happy to 1) not have to deal with it and 2) the hubby actually took some initiative and did something.

And finally,
the efforts from last nights class.


Kat said...

In my humble opinion the cake is much prettier than Jack 1 or Jack 2! Sorry to hear anout your friend!

Stacy said...

Great job on the pumpkins.

And the cake is beautiful. I wish I had a smidge of cake creativity.

Becca said...

Your cake is very pretty! Hey are you jumping in on the swap?

Becca said...

I need your mailing address again, lost everything when we bought my new laptop. I apologize. Likes too if you would just a few ideas for your swap buddy!