Saturday, August 14, 2010

I'm feeling a little blue, a little lonely, a little left out, a little excluded

Several ladies I know went to the Women of Faith conference in Omaha this weekend. I was invited but just couldn't justify the expense on my budget, but now I wish included.

Barbie left this morning to go with the family that she babysits alot for to go to the rodeo up in north western Nebraska. This will be Barbie first real experience. The little girls will be barrel racing, i think. So she's gone. For the weekend, having fun, without me.

I worked this morning. Got to work with a good friend and we had a good b i t c h session.

Hubby has been working on our downstairs bathroom FOREVER! It's so close. I finally said it MUST be done before school starts (on Tuesday) or I was going to unleash an attitude he's never seen before. So when I got home from work hubby & his friend (wife went to WOF) were working in the shower to get it ready to grout BUT he wants hubby to go with him & his kids to go play golf - did I mention that he has been siding his house for 3 years and wants hubby to help him - - They are suppose to finish tonight when they get back.

So that just leaves me, home alone, feeling sorry for myself, wishing I had something fun to do too.

Ok enough whinning, i'll put my big girl panties on now.

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The Gaelic Wife said...

You could come hang out with me. But I have a nasty summer cold. It's always something.