Thursday, March 10, 2011

Nickel & Diming

In January we spent $115.14 & 211.04 on Barbie's car for a window switch and a water pump; and in the last 30 days:

Hubby had a low tire, so he took his pickup to the repair shop and got an oil change while it was there $48.97

Then my "low oil" light came on, I have no idea why, but it was time to have my oil changed anyway $31.63.

Barbie comes and gets me out of bell choir at church, she slid on ice and hit her back wheel on the curp. Cracked. $53.41 for a new wheel and $111.07 for the repairs.

Then the other morning as i'm backing out of the drive right behind hubby and he stops at the end of the drive way blocking me in and I was instantly ticked about what in the heck he was doing. I had a flat. Flat flat, on the rim flat. $18.51

Last Tuesday, I left work for the night, got in my car, click click click. Won't start - Crap! We are going to Lincoln on Thursday for State basketball tournaments. I was told probably just a battery. A new alternator and $325.51 later we got to Lincoln & back, twice.

This Tuesday, I had catored my work's monthly lunch meeting and a trunk full of roaster & crock pots. Left for the day, click click click. Just great! And now it needs a battery $78.55. Oh and the radio & clock that I have been mentioning for YEARS that stays on after I shut off the engine and have ALWAYS been told "oh that clock doesn't pull that much from the battery" all of sudden needs to be replaced because of the pull on the battery.

Wednesday, some JackWagon, backs into Barbie's car, smashing the headlight and causing a nice dent in the hood and drives away! She filed a police report and we are hoping that the "cameras" at the school got it recorded. The school did not call me back and the police officer said sometimes it's not the right angle and it's spring break so school won't be open now until Monday.

So far this year we have spent just under $1,000 on vehicle repairs! Following last summer when we spent $1,200 to have the motor replaced in my car.

Seriously, what's next?


Kat said...

We will file this under "The Things That Suck About Life" - sorry...

Lucky Wife/Bookaholic said...

Good Grief, DON"T ASK WHAT'S NEXT!!! Don't you know that unlocks the alternate universe of chaos!!!!

Edie Mindell said...

Oh good grief, you spent a lot on repairs only this month. I hope your cars are all okay now and won't need more repairs for the coming months.