Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Bless his heart

Yes, I’m referring to my hubby. I was busy/running late this morning making breakfast, so I asked him to make Tink’s lunch. (Otherwise he just sits there zoned out) Which he did willingly, but I should have known better. First of all, he was in the way. He’s just so, I don’t know, big. He just stands there in the way.

So he goes to the fridge to get the stuff to make a turkey sandwich. Tink takes a turkey sandwich every day, she doesn’t eat ham. He pulls out the bread. Stands there looking for the mayo. I say “it’s in the bottom of the door” where it’s always at. I then notice he has just regular bread, so I say “she likes her sandwich on the hoagie bun” and he is still standing in the open fridge. All the while I’m needing eggs, milk, cheese, bagels, etc out of the fridge he is standing dumbfounded in front of.

Then he takes the sandwich stuff over to the counter and then he says “does she have any more turkey?”

ME: “what” I just bought a family size package of shaved turkey; I look over “honey, that’s ham”

HIM: IT IS?! SHIT! Can I put it back?”

Me: roll my eyes

Him: “What else does she take?”

ME: Jello, pretzels, fruit snacks

He goes to the fridge, stands there; finally finds the jello by himself. Then he goes to the cupboard opens the top, looking around.

Boo Says: “Fruit snacks are on the bottom” She too now has this tone to her voice.

Bless his heart, but seriously,

I just want to say to him – Do you live here? How do you NOT know this stuff?

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Jen said...

Ah Tracie, I know what you are saying oh so well.

I "quizzed" my husband once about who the kid's doctors were, who their teachers were, what their favorite foods are, favorite TV shows, etc. He didn't know.

And last week I had a meeting til late at night and an early morning at work the next day. I asked hubby to make the kid's lunches just like you did. When I got home from the meeting he had made them but I had to rearrange things and add stuff. I decided to write down what the kids take in their lunches on the write-on-wipe-off board in the kitchen.

I'm feeling ya, sister.