Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I DID post yesterday, but in the process my Internet went down and I lost most of it so I am starting over, in my effort to do better at posting.

I got these stupid pictures in reverse order, so bear with me.....

This was the score of the College football game we went to in November (that says 10-3, it's kinda blurry)

We had 4 tickets but they were 2 and 2, so Tink & I sat together. (she'll kill me for posting this pic) There was a "happy" (aka drunk) couple behind us. They came in the 2nd qtr. Talking F this F that and I made a face at Tink and kinda rolled my eyes and the guy says are you listening to us talk and i'm like ya, kinda hard not to. So then they talked to us the rest of the game - of course they were only there for tne 2nd & 4th qtrs. Something was said, I can't remember what, and he asks Tink how old she is. 16 she replys and he's like No Way! Then he turns to me and says How old are you and I say I'm older than that to which Tink quickly says She's my mom. And he was like No way, you don't look like you could be the mom and he hits the girl he's with and says She's the mom! and the girl looks at me and says No way. So the whole rest of the game they kept saying you don't look like the mom. So I decided their drunk a$$ could stay!

We had a good day and it helped that our team won! I'm in the process of making cookies (i know shock right) I've got 53 dz to do by next week and 5 different places that they go. I had to make myself a spread sheet to keep it all straight. A few weeks ago I had made these Maple cookies & left them to sit on island overnight so the frosting could set and when I woke in the morning this is what I found.

The dog had eaten 2 dz cookies during the night. I was so pissed! Last night I tried a new recipe Mint Brownie Bites or something like that, so I set up some protection from the big fur ball.

They were still safe this morning.
In addition to all the cookies, Tink has breakfast for the dance team Wednesday AND Thursday. Two days?! I made two coffee cakes last night and got up at 5 am to put in the oven but she didn't even go because she has the flu! But those dancers didn't go hungry, Hubby dropped them off. Tomorrow I think I'm gonna make a breakfast casserole and they can have that and the left over coffee cake.
Gotta go make my shopping list so I can get groceries over my lunch time.


Becca said...

Wow you are so talented! And the dog, wow, is he grounded or something? I am proud of you for sticking with it. If that had been me, I might have thrown in the towel and gone to a bakery!

Kat said...

Okay I'm hear to say something smart ass but I can't come up with anything...