Thursday, December 17, 2009

Swap Package

My swap buddy package came from Susan and enclosed the following:
a 3-Tier cooking rack
silicone mat
the book "Cake Wrecks"
I love it all!! I'm excited to use the rack, since I've never had a cooking rack and my rolling mat is slightly battered.

My whole family, even hubby, has already looked at the book and enjoyed it!!

Susan really made some great choices for me!!

Thanks Swap Buddy!!!!!


Becca said...

Uhmmm that did not come from me...the card did..

Nadine Hightower said...

That is a perfect gift for you!

Tracie said...

ummm, well colored me embarassed! I just assumed that since the package & the card arrived the same day that they were both from you......I guess I have a secret admirer :)

Susan said...

The package was from me. Amazon was supposed to include a gift note with the items. Guess they screwed up! I'm glad you liked what I picked out! Merry Christmas!