Thursday, February 24, 2011

Uptodate life

I know it's been awhile since I posted. Everyday, I think today, i'm going to post, then the day is over and I didn't get anything written. Plus I really stink when it comes to writing. So to get everyone up-to-date with my life here are a list of the highlights in no particular order:

1) I got a different position at my job. Bascially i'm still doing everything I had been doing, but now I sit at the reception desk and answer the phone too. They let 4 people go, which has NEVER happened in the 20 years I have worked there, so basically I'm just happy that I still have a job!

2) Still working 2 jobs, and the baking for hire as picked up; which is good, but keeps me hopping.

3) Hubby & I had an altercation with a young man who tried to be forceful with Barbie. (which translates to wouldn't let her leave, had her pinned down to the bed with unwanted advances) Long story short, hubby knocked him around a little bit and the spineless @#%^$ ran right to the cop shop to report "his" assult. Luckily the officer that responded hubby played softball with this summer. We had issues with this same boy a couple years ago that we could have, probably should have pressed charges on him then, but for many reasons didn't. Barbie was the 2nd girl he has done this to that there are police reports on. Who know how many went unreported. We have alot of support from law enforcement, who confidentially told hubby that they wish he wouldn't have stopped hitting him, and many fathers that told us they would have done the same in that situation. Not that all that makes us feel any better about the whole situation. Hubby's charges got plead down to disturbing the peace, $100 fine. Well worth it for the safety of our daughter .

4) Hubby & I are in the beginning stages of buying out his boss. His boss, mostly the boss's wife, wants to semi-retire and hubby is at the point that he needs to take that next step in his career. So I hope it all works out, but i'm not making any plans until the ink has dryed on the purchase agreement.

5) Skipper played both volleyball & basketball with her school team this year. She really surprised us with her basketball. My mild, even tempered girl was an agressive little machine out the ball court! Barbie played voleyball, cheer & dance teams.

6) Everything just keeps moving along, for me there seems like is no time for anything. Even cleaning my house sometimes. I always feel like i'm playing catch up. I feel like I am stressed out all the time. I haven't discussed this with hubby yet, but if the purchase of the business doesn't go through then we will need to make a drastic move concerning our debt because I just can't continue to work 2 jobs much longer. Life is too short.

7) I signed up for that post a day thing, but you can see how well that worked out for me.....

I'm sure I have forgotten more than I have posted.

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Kat said...

That's awful for Barbie, I would have kicked his arse too! Let's see how long we can keep this up!