Thursday, August 21, 2008

First Day of School

August 21
G-Sale & School
I have been working on this post ALL WEEK! Seriously, I just can't seem to get it finished.

THe garage sale i had last Saturday went pretty well. I would have liked to have gotten rid of more clothes, but all of the big things sold. We made right around $300. The rest of the clothes, I packed up and we took to good will. Usually I continue to store them for the next garage sale, but this time I just wanted it all out!

And it didn't rain! I was just exhausted though!


Tink started high school Monday! My baby! She had to be at school and ready for volleyball practice by 6:15 am. every stinking morning. The NSAA has limited the practice time before school starts, they use to have 2 a-day practices for 2 weeks before school started, but for some reason this year they wern't allowed to do that, they are having their 2 a-days now while school is in session. Which makes for a very long day for those kids - I would think.

Boo stared her first year of middle school on Tuesday. Mom's not ready for that one either. I hate that they are growing up!

And so it has started, coming home every night to backpacks strung all over the couch, shoes kicked off at the door, homework strung out everywhere else. And Mom, I need lunch money, I need picture money, I need an activity pass, I need my assignment planner, I need new tennies, I need new knee pads, I need, I need, I need.! It's enough to put me over the edge! I swear the first month of school is financially draining!


The crosswalk lady totally irritated me! 2nd day of school! The lady is a moron! There was a car parked on the corner, so this mom pulls in behind the parked car to drop of kid (mom happens to be a co-worker). I pull up to the stop sign. I'm the only car. I start to go and catch the movement of the cross walk lady from the corner of my eye and I stop. She's moved to the middle of the street to stop traffic (me) so kid can safely cross the street. KID WAS STILL GETTING OUT OF THE CAR! He wasn't even ready to cross the street. She did this all last year too. Kids would still be 1/2 block away and she'd stop traffic and then yell at the kids to hurry up. Then the kids run to the corner and across the street. In my opinion, which I know doens't count for much-and i'm telling you cuz nobody else would listen, she is not teaching the kids the proper safety common sense when crossing a busy street. She's teaching them to hurry up and run across. Plus I was the only car, would it have killed her to let me go? Well, I showed her, I didn't wave! I did think about calling the school and complaining, but I thought it would be easier just to change my route.

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meg said...

Hey, you- long time no see :-)
Welcome to the wonderful world of high school :-P I've embarked on our very last year (Sam's a senior) & I've decided to just hand him my check book for the next 8 months- yearbook, senior portraits, class ring, sports fees, Grad Night at Disneyland, Prom, cap/gown/invitaions, not to mention two huge parties- one for the 18th b-day (Oh, Lord!) & a joint Graduation bash with his 3 best friends- buffet, dj, etc.
Think I'll get a second job.