Friday, August 8, 2008

Softball at 40

So last night was Church league softball for hubby. It was the first night of their season end tournament. Every year this man gets hurt. Shoulder, road rash from sliding, ripped muscles. Last week he took a line drive right to this left shin,….the good leg. Currently his right ankle is in a brace, having graduated from a walking cast from a fall on the ice this past winter. That, I might add, the nice people from workman’s compensation are paying for. I kept saying “you are going to screw up that ankle and we are going to have to pay for it” Last night, line drive. He got his right foot lifted just in time for the ball to smack him right on that big toe knuckle. He tried really hard to walk it off. I said to Boo – go get your dad some ice, he’s gonna need it. This morning the knuckle are of his big toe was swollen and there was just a little color between the big toe and the second toe. By lunch the color was crawling up his foot. I can’t get him to realize that he is not 20 anymore!

Tonight is hubby’s dad’s 70th birthday party. Hubby, the girls & his sister went down (to their town-about 25 minutes away) at lunch time and I’ll go down after work. They are going to golf & stuff, but someone had to stay home to work! LOL

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