Sunday, August 24, 2008


August 22
Tink had a meltdown Thursday night.

When weightlifting started the Basketball coach was getting on Tink about going out for BB and not cheer & dance, which was already too late since we’d already paid a ton of $$ for the uniforms. She said she just smiled at him and said no. The other day Hubby’s dad & BB coach were somewhere together and again BB coach tells hubby’s dad that he thinks Tink should be going out for basketball, he can make her a ball player yada yada. Dad tells hubby, hubby tells Tink.

She has been at school everyday this week by 6:00 a.m. for volleyball practice, full day of school, and practice again from 4-7. This, by itself, is an exhausting schedule.

Wednesday she finds out there is cheer practice on Thursday right after school. (They are on early schedule due to heat-but it’s not hot right now) and something about popsicles. Which she didn’t quite get but thought W/E. Evidently the cheerleaders had out popsicles to all of the different sports participants. Her time was 4:00. I don’t know if this is the time she got stuck with, being the only freshman, or if this is what she volunteered for. Tink then calls VB coach to tell her she would be a few minutes late. This did not go over well with VB coach, who then proceeded to chew Tink’s hiney and that she needs to get her priorities straight.

Tink calls me at work to say how mad she is at VB coach and I didn’t quite jump on Tink’s band wagon. Eventually she hung up on me.

So Tink goes to VB practice on time, skips the cheer thing and then overhears VB coach bad mouthing Tink to the other coaches. Which I agree is not cool.

Anyway, she gets home, we all talk about it. Hubby & I try to explain to her – this is where the coach is coming from, this is the reality of high school, etc etc.

Hubby then leaves to take Boo to a play with a friend.

I make conversation with Tink. Asked her about her lunch, that I packed, that she didn’t eat much of. (She’s been eating like a horse) and finally she breaks out in tears about how – dad is pressuring her to play sports, how none of the girls will be her partner at practice (that’s another whole long blog), the upperclassmen pull the “I’m an upperclassman” bullcrap, she’s getting ribbing about being a cheerleader.

Hubby get home and I tell him what she said. He didn’t want her to feel that he was putting pressure on her to play sports that she needed to do whatever she really wanted. And how proud is of her for going out for cheer & dance. And that she needed to take the comment from the BB coach as a compliment that the BB Coach thought she was a good enough player, not that hubby wanted her to play BB.

Cheer & Dance is where she needs to be. She is CONSTANTLY doing cheers around the house. She has always twirled across the room, not walked. She has never done that with a ball. She’s a good athlete, but she has never practiced at home with a ball the way she does cheer.

I think next week will be better. I think she is just exhausted and overwhelmed and things just bother you more when you are exhausted.

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