Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas-with words

I downloaded a bunch of pics, I haven't quite got the concept of what order I am suppose to download them to get them in the order I want, but here we go......

Tate get jealous if he thinks anybody else might be hugging or cuddling, and he has to worm his way in........

and he's really jealous of Buster

Tate got a new toy for Christmas and he absolutely LOVES it!!! Plus he is the only one not to beg me to not post the "bad" morning pictures like some of the occupants who shall remain nameless of this house, umm right Tink!

Christmas Eve we went to Church. We were asked to light the Advent Candle. It was a very nice service, then we drove around looking at Christmas lights. I needed a few things from the grocery store for the meal to be made the next day. So we left home 30 minutes early before church and drove across town (yea, I know it's only a mile, but still it was all the way across town) and the grocery store was CLOSED!!! I couldn't believe it! Then we drove to the other grocery store and it was closed too! I knew they closed for Christmas day, but I don't remember them closing early for Christmas Eve. I really just needed 2 apples for the stuffing recipe, I could skip the salad. After we got to church I started scoping the congregation for whomever I thought might have some apples. Yes, okay I have no shame. I needed apples. My brain works one day at a time and I didn't get my grocery supply list done. Luckily our friends were there and she had apples. All was saved!

Christmas day, Boo actually didn't get us up till 8:15. (Good Girl) They quickly ripped through their presents. My mom & dad & hubby's sister came over for lunch. Mom & Dad just happened to have an extra turkey in their freezer, so we had that with all the fixins--mashed potatoes, stuffing, (mine-with applies & my moms) sweet potatoes, corn, rolls. It was a nice day. Only I thought they would all go home early enough that we could run to Kearney for a movie and that didn't happen, but I can live with that.

On Friday we had my whole family over. Mom & dad, my brother, his wife & two kids, my sister, her hubby and two kids and my brother's older daughter and her BF. Our tradition has always been lasagne. My sister made one and I made one. Hubby made sure to serve from my sister's pan first so he could have any of the leftovers. :) It was a nice night too!

Saturday was back to the real world, as I had to work at the hospital. :(

Tink really did beg me not to post her morning pics on my blog, and there really are more pics of the kids then the dog, but I DID post them to facebook...but I didn't "tag" her and she thanked me on my wall! LOL
Hopefully you can tell from this one picture that she had a really nice Christmas!

They both did!


Kat said...

I love my dog more than my children? LOL!

Shana said...

Great pictures!!

Joisey said...

I'm sorry I've been MIA, Tracie. I'm glad you had a GREAT Christmas. Happy New Year, my friend!!!!!!

Pat said...

Sorry I didn't get here sooner to wish you and yours a Merry Christmas. Loved the pictures of Tate he looks like my Benji on bigger. Now let me wish you a Happy New Year. Hugs, pat