Thursday, December 18, 2008


My SIL has a history of expecting help (financial and otherwise) from others but she expects this help on her terms. I've always struggled with this. I'm not saying that i'm not willing to help her out, but I don't appreciate her expecting the help and on her terms.

So last night, at 10:30 she TEXT hubby to say that she didn't have any hot water and could she come for a shower. Tink & Hubby had not showered yet either. Hubby text her back, "NOW"

SIL "either 10:45 tonight or at 5:45 am tommorrow."

What kind of choices are those. I was already in bed, Tink brings the phone into me to read, why I don't know, it's not my sister! I just responded with "ugg" . AND if she REALLY was in a bind why in H E L L did she just not call on the phone vs. texting.


I don't know why it bugs me, but I got to thinking about what I would have done in the same situation. I think I would have a) taken a very fast cold shower or b) heated some water up on the stove for a quick bath or c) gone without for a day.

I tend to try to take care of things myself instead of asking for help. I don't like to ask for help. Her first response is expect someone else to deal with it for her. And as my dear friend pointed out this morning, that is a difference is personalities. Okay yes it is, but it still bugs me!


Kat said...

First, she should have called not text'd. Second, she should NOT have expected to come over at that time of the evening, for that matter she should not have either called or text'd at that time. Now that I know the whole story, I agree, it would have bugged me too. And why didn't she call her mother like I did?

Shana said...

Yep, I agree with Kat.
Call, not text and ASK, not tell, with thanks, and when it is convenient for you, NOT HER.

It would bug me too.

So, why no hot water? Dig her pipes break, a broken hot water heater?

Jane! said...

Yeah, I'm with you... would have gone with #2 probably.
Some people are... interesting.

Jeankfl said...

I agree with the others.. now I understand that not everyone has the same manners, but most of that was just rude. And this is the way she always is, not just a response to stress.. so I'd do the same thing.. Why should she get the 5:45 hot water instead of the people in your house??

YELLOW said...

Something that the words in law makes me feel. I think to be one you have to be a bit ignorant. I speak for my ones, but dont get me started.

Hope you are well and life at home and even work is good.



The Lady in Pearls said...

I think there's a possibility that we share the same in-laws! Ugh!!

YELLOW said...

just wishing you a very merry christmas T. Hope its wonderful for you all.