Thursday, December 18, 2008


What would you do if you had no hot water? And needed to take a shower? Would you call a relative or close friend to see if you could shower at their place? And then say you could only come at 10:45 pm or 5:45 am? I have a story, I just want to know what you think. - Sorry if that is vague. I am the supplier of the hot water. And i'm just really trying to decide if my SIL is that stupid of a user or if i'm maybe just overreacting to be irritated about it. other Tracie news. I've come to work with yet another headache. I am not prone to headaches. Sometime during the monthly hormonal fluctuation I get a headache, but this one has been pretty constant for at least the last week & 1/2. Monday it was in the back and my neck and shoulder were so tight I was starting to question if I was getting the flu, yesterday it felt like sinus pressure, so I thought well maybe I'm getting a sinus infection and today my neck is stiff again but there is just a dull ache right in the middle.

Last night I made an angel food cake for a funeral at my church today. I was also working on some cookies while it baked and talking to my sister on the phone. I knew enough to put the phone down while I took the cake out of the oven and inverted it on the bottle. I grabbed the first hot pad out of the drawer which was a crocheted hot pad with holes in it (not holes like it needs to be replaces, but like holes between the stitches) and I didn't even think about it, reached in with that hot pad and my finger grabbed the oven rack. To which I said *@#$&%^! Then I tried to invert the cake on the bottle, thought I had it lined up but instead but the bottle through the cake! To which I said *&^%$#@! Finally got back on the phone and my sister said "what the hell is going on over there?" The rest of the night I kept hoping that the hole in the cake wouldn't be that noticeable. But......needless to say I sent hubby back to the store at 9:15 to get another cake mix. So you say, at least you have a cake you could do something with now. Well you'd think. But as soon as hubby & Tink realized the first cake was a flop they were like ravenous animals on fresh kill. This morning Boo says "Mom, why did you only make 1/2 a cake?"

Now, everybody sing ..."The weather outside is frightful..." okay that's enough. I think I made my point.

Christmas shopping was very frustrating on Monday. I don't know how my husband and I can have the same conversation and both have a completely different opinion on what we decided!

Well I think I have bored you enough, if you made it this far. Have a great day!


The Lady in Pearls said...

On showering - I'm confused. Are you the one in need of hot water or the supplier of the hot water?

On the headache - get your blood pressure checked!

Cussing and cooking just go hand in hand, don't they?

It's freezing here too, that's why my skin is like sandpaper.

I am off tomorrow and have to start & finish my Christmas shopping. Can you say procrastinator to the max???

You have a great day, too!

Tracie said...

I am the supplier of the hot water.

Jane! said...

I would say the the shower needee should be at the mercy of the shower supplier's schedule... outside of work hours, I suppose. I mean, I wouldn't make them leave work for it or anything, but you should be able to schedule the slot around your family's reservations. No?

Shana said...

I have been a hot water supplier before to my sister. I said, come over anytime that I am at home. Not problem. But I am not going to go 'too' much out of my way!!

Kat said...

Just look at June acting like she has an answer to EVERYTHING!

I've been the needee of hot water before and I called my mommy and she said I could come over whenever I wanted and when I told her I'd be there at 5 am I thought she was going to have a stroke. I do think 10:45 pm is a little ridiculous but what can one say?

I had hormonal migraines, which was NOT caused from high blood pressure, and having a hysterectomy cured that right up - that's my recommendation.

I know that I am NOT a baker, but why in the name of all things holy were you putting a cake on a bottle and what kind of bottle are we talking about?

I know your weather is really sucky right not, maybe you will get a ice/snow day tomorrow and get to stay in your pajamas all day long? That's my wish for you!