Sunday, December 7, 2008


I did it! I'm still cringing too! I deleted my spaces account. I think, okay hope, that was the right thing to do. I started over there and met alot of great people, and even though I haven't met anyone over here yet, I think it is easier to use.

Anyway, shopping yesterday, was almost a complete waste of time. SO MANY PEOPLE! Drives me nuts! We did finish the 3 nieces, but everyone else is like ??? no clue what to get. So we did alot of walking around. And every time I turned around hubby had wondered off. He's worse than a kid! Seriously!

But we now have several options for the kids. But we can't decide. I've been wanting to get the girls TVs for their rooms with DVD players, I wouldn't let them have cable, but they like to watch movies in their rooms and are constantly fighting over the portable DVD player. These are kinda pricey.

Tink really wants a new cell phone and a slim digital camera.

Boo wants an IPOD, a cell phone. A cell phone for her would be cheap enough. She could have my old one (cuz i'd really like to get a blackberry-I think) or there are some on line for free or .99. But the IPOD is way more.

I keep asking hubby what he thinks, but, and he does what drives him crazy when people do this to him, doesn't ever answer the question directly. And kinda just keeps talking in circles. ??
What to do, what to do....we can't afford all of it.

But it sounds like we need to be thankful that we have such a problem, because that means all of our needs are met!

Finally, I made a great super tonight. Well okay I made super tonight. First time all week. But then Tink went to youth group - they were all going to go eat Chinese and hubby had a meeting. So it was just me & Boo. We liked it, Chicken Parmesan, but we could have just as easy had cereal. Oh well! At least that can't say I never cook! LOL


Jeankfl said...

LOL You sound like me! I wander around, lost.. I HATE shopping with a passion. I told everyone I was making a donation to a children's charity in their name, cause they all have EVERYTHING!! That's a good problem to have, but sheesh! I hope you get more ideas.. oh yeah.. take a look on ebay for the iPods and phones.. sometimes you can get a good deal.. there and Amazon. At least you cooked.. I can't remember the last thing I cooked!!LOL

Jane! said...

I haven't even STARTED the shopping. I got a catalog today that mentioned 'last minute gifts'. Bite me, I thought. last minute is the 24th, not the 8th.
Hang in there, seems like more of the old spacers are coming over every day.

Shana said...

I only like shopping if I am the only one in the store and I don't bump into people and I have lots of money to spend- which is never!!

I still have my Spaces. Not sure if I will keep it or not.

Dory said...

You totally deleted it? Wow.. you go girl. Mine is still there, after all this time b/c I just can't break the final tie.

Good going on the SHOPPING!! wooohoooo!

Dana and Daisy said...

hi! I'm Dana. I saw you over at Cg's and thought, hmm? I'll go meet this new person. You sound real and approachable.

I'll come back.

I buy my step kids pre-loaded bank cards for Christmas. It is easier that way. I tried for years but got lots of drama over presents I bought them, so now, steve says a price and I go buy a card.

BUt if they were my own, I'd drudge through the mall for hours looking for just the right thing. I know, I am bad.