Sunday, January 11, 2009

Home Repairs II

It's been a busy weekend. I traded shifts at the hospital this weekend and worked the day shift instead of the evening shift so I could be off to watch Tink dance at the basketball game. I think I like days. It was busier, more things to do, more people, more phone calls. We traded shifts for all of January & February. So we'll see how it works out. Saturday I was up at 5:45 am and pretty much didn't stop til 10:30 pm, tonight I'm looking to go to bed early!

I used my camera to video Tink & the dance team Saturday night doing their dance, but i've never downloaded/uploaded (whatever) a video before, so I don't know if it will show up here or not. Tink was trying to upload (whatever) it to her facebook, but it said it was going to take like 4 hours! She keeps watching it over & over. I think she's going to wear out my camera. LOL!

My favorite movie is on! Can you tell what it is?

The sheet rock layer did come on Saturday, pissed me off in the process,(but that's another story) and got the 1 sheet of sheet rock hung, but no mudding. I know......... baby steps

(yikes, there's my reflection - ug, not a good pic)

And, he did go hunting on Sunday
(which is YET another story)


Jeankfl said...

Well, I guess baby steps is better than no steps..LOL Youtube is pretty easy to figure out.. then embed it here. Hope we get to see it..

Kat said...

Baby steps - that looks like a lot to me! When you figure out the uploading video thing you let me know because I've been wanting to do that to...

Can't wait to hear the other stories...

Jane! said...

It's looking good! Much better than before.
Can't help you with video advice - I got my own trouble. ha!

YELLOW said...

You can upload your video easily. If your camera has an SD card, simply take it out of the camera and insert it into the slot on your computer. It will or should automatically ask you to save it to wherever on your puter. Thats the 1st part. Easy huh? 2nd part is a bugger tho. Let me know if it works and I will talk you thro the 2nd part, (it depends on the format it uploads it on) But I am getting geeky. My comfort zone. Ha.