Thursday, January 8, 2009


I admit I am illiterate with electronic stuff. And i'm starting to get frustrated when I can't figure something out. Which is why most of the time I don't try. When I see the instructions, my eyes kinda glaze over and roll into the back of my head, and then my head starts to spin and I put the instructions down and walk away. That's my approach so far. BUT

I do have a question i'm going to ask to see if any of you have any suggestions

When I set up this Blogger account I initialy used my theotherblonde hotmail e-mail account. And that is currently where all of the responses to my posts go. I want to change that so it's all through my real name e-mail. I just want to deal with one e-mail address. But I can't find a place to edit that.


Shana said...

I am not computer savvy myself
Try this
go to Blogger Dashboard.
Click on Edit profile on the left.
Change the email in there and
I hope that works

Becca said...

I think that Shana is right! Hope that it works!

Tracie said...

Did that - didn't work

Shana said...

Try going into your google account under personal settings. Change the email that way. If that doesn't work then I Don't know.

Jane! said...

I think you can change the email that you use as a contact, but I don't think you can ever change the one you log in with.
Seems like I ran up against that one.

Jeankfl said...

ok.. can't change how you log in.. but if you want to change what email gets comment notices, go into "settings". "comments".. and down to the bottom to "comment notification email". change that to your other one, and the comments will go there.. don't forget to save your changes..
hope this does what you want.

Jane! said...

How about the letter B?

Kat said...

You're screwed if you're asking me...