Wednesday, January 21, 2009


1) My mom heard about someone in town here that has a teacup poodle, possible free to the right home. I know this person, and I’m thinking I’m probably the right home. (That’s what she hinted to my mom anyway) AND I’ve kinda always thought that it would be cool to have this tiny little poodle with my big poodle. It’s 6 weeks olds, male, black. I want to name it Sal. So along with my Tate we could have some Tator Salad. I thought that was funny, my mom laughed. Hubby doesn’t quite see it my way and I am pretty sure that I WON”T be getting the teacup.

2) I broke my spending record at Wally’ World this past weekend. We were OUT of EVERYTHING. $320.23. I think that’s the most I have ever spent on groceries. And I keep coming up with things I forgot.

3) I got 2 new pair of shoes on clearance. Both purple!

4) I had to have yet another sex education discussion with my Sunday school class – as to why Mary is referred to as the “Virgin” Mary.

5) We have not seen Boo’s dance bag since before Christmas. But I have now cleaned every closet and a good portion of the basement looking for it and it’s looking like I’m going to be replacing 3 pairs of freek’n dance shoes!

6) Had Monday off for the MLK holiday. One word – AWESOME! I cooked, cleaned, did laundry, picked up kids – wait, did I say Awesome?...... I did take time to watch the movie “House Bunny” and it was kinda cute.

7) Our pastor’s daughter is staying with us for a couple of nights. She is one of Tink’s friends. But Tink had a busy night (working the concession stand & dance practice) & wasn’t home much of it, plus Tink had dance at 6:45 this morning. PD is a sweet girl, it’s just a little awkward having an extra kid around that you’re not use to.

8) Tomorrow is Boo’s 11th Birthday. I have to frost a cake tonight. Wish me luck~ She wants to have one of those mystery birthday party things, but all I found on the internet was downloadable for $30 and I don’t want to pay $30. So I don’t know what we are going to do.

Okay that’s it, enough random for now.


The Lady in Pearls said...

Looks like we'll both be making birthday cakes this week. My nephew and niece both asked for Spongebob cakes. Their birthdays are a week apart. Too bad I couldn't convince them to have their parties together!

Jane! said...

Yum, cake!
Still haven't found my glasses, watch or the 2 different earrings I lost. I wonder if my mom will pay for the stuff I lost.

Kat said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Boo! Get with it slacker, you are getting worse than me!