Friday, October 17, 2008


Although not June quality, here are pics of 2 of the cakes I made this past week for Tink's birthday. The third cake is not going to materialize. Please keep in mind that this was my first frosting experience. I was a frosting virgin. And though it was slightly messy there was a fair amount of enjoyment and I will probably try again.

The below cake is the one we ate for the family party the night of Tink's Birthday. Yes those are those cake candies that you buy at the store. They were Tinkerbell and that is what Tink wanted. I used purple frosting because that's what I had left over from the first cake. I was trying for a lime green for the edge. I had the neon food coloring & the decorations said green & pink, but the pink and purple lids BOTH had pink lids and I accidentally grabbed by purple and I just couldn't get past this baby poop green color. LOL

The next 3 pics. are the cake that we took to the volleyball team dinner on Wednesday. The "freshman" were in charge of the food so I thought since it was her actual birthday day that cake & ice cream would be fun. The girls were all so nice and the following adjectives were used: cute, fun, yummy.

I don't know what Hoorah means, other than it's printed on their t-shirts and they say it sometime after they score a point. I'm just the mom!


Jane! said...

I think they look great and really, what can June say? Remember her phallic rocketship? Uh, huh? For a CHILD if I remember right.

The Lady in Pearls said...

It was a phallic guitar, Jane! Sheesh, if you're gonna pick on me, get it right!

Those cakes are great and very Juneworthy!! Let's just quit this glamorous workforce and open up a cakeshop! How 'bout it!