Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Free Night?

This week is suppose to be my calm before the storm as next week is just {shudder} overwhelming. This is supposed to be a semi-free week. Tink has a game on Thursday at home. That’s it. I can handle that. So I have all week to bake cookies. Off at 4 on Monday, should be able to get right home and get started.

But then, I promised (and forgotten) Boo a new pair of shoes (and she wasn’t about to forget that-unload the dishwasher yes, new shoes, no) after school, -she went up two shoe sizes, did she need those?-We had NO food, so a trip to the grocery store, and a meeting with a bridal couple for their upcoming wedding, plus the normal taxi driving around picking up & delivering of the children to their many activities. I didn’t get home until 6:30. So much for getting a good start before we had to go to Boo’s parent-teacher conferences at 7:55. Which, I might add, she would appear to be the perfect child. All A’s, the teachers all said that she participates in class, asks questions, can “see” the bigger picture and is just a delight to have in class. Really!? ….She must be different at school.

Anyhoo, I did still manage to get some of cookies baked up last night. But I was left wondering what happened to my "free" night. ?

BUT, tonight……..

Tonight, I again get off at 4 and there is nothing until Tink’s PTC. So I should be able to get started on more cookies right away.



Jane-Fay said...

I just love your optimism. It takes me back to the pre-teenage driver days.
Not that I get any more done these days, but...

Jane-Fay said...

I don't like backpacks either - I end up with a big unnattractive wetspot on my back. I added a picture of my tools, which go in a little pack on my handlebars along with the stuff I need handy like cell phone, chapstick, kleenexes etc. I put a rack over my back tire and I can bungee all kinds of things to that, it also holds a side pack that I use sometimes. But baskets are very cool, too - especially if you put them up front. I do wish I had something that would securely hold a gallon of milk. THAT would save me so much gas.