Monday, October 13, 2008

Columbus Day

I have the day off! WooHoo!!! It's great! I love a day off!

I had MANY things to get done today. And I should have made a list. Cuz my brain had gone all ADD on me. It's seems I start something, move on to the next thing without finishing the first thing. Can't get organized. feel like I haven't gotten much done, because the house is kinda in disaray due to the ADD thing, but I have been busy most of the morning (well until I logged on to the computer) I have:

taken Tink to school
went to the grocery storey-before my shower even and my hair was ohhhohhh
baked a cake
beat the dog-no not really, but we did have words-he is SO naughty
Cleaned out the front coat closet
changed the mouse on the computer.

And now I really should make a list for what I want to get done this afternoon. But.... I probably won't, I'll just keep pinballing around.

The repair shop came to get my car, they changed the water pump last week/2wks ago and my "Low Coolant" lite came on yesterday while the girls & I were in Kearney. SO hubby thinks my car must have a "slow" leak probably due to that they didn't get something tightened correctly. I called hubby when I noticed the light was one, so he says I will need to add some antifreeze and to watch the heat gauge thing closely, we were almost to Kearney so I told him I thought wal-mart would do that, he agreed. The girls & I went to the mall, did our damage then headed over to wal-mart. I stood in line back at the automotive department to be told "they are not trained for anitfreeze" WHAT!? I stood there and said " they just can't poor some in for me" and the lady was like "NO, they are not trained, yada yada" plus she had this not nice attitude. SO i replied " fine, i'll figure out how to do it myself" and I turned around and walked out. Oh did I mention that it was pouring rain! The girls and I started our shopping, I was almost in tears! Somewhere between complete anger and frustration. We finished up our shopping headed out to the car, in the rain, then I try to figure out how to get the hood open, and where the antifreeze goes. Several phone calls to hubby later, I am trying to the get the cap off the radiator thing and I can not get it off and I am now pissed at hubby for not being there. And please keep in mind that we are in the parking lot of wal-mart. Cars coming and going, cars that contain men, men that the watching this woman standing in the rain messing with the engine portion of her car. And the ONLY person that asked me if I needed any help WAS ANOTHER WOMAN!!! I couldn't ge the cap off to add the antifreeze and I was so mad and wet by this point I just called hubby and said "we are on our way, i'll call you when we overheat!" But, luckily, we made it home without overheating. I kept the vent on blowing cold air into the car just the get the air moving through the engine, hopefully helping to keep whatever cool, beside me & the girls, and I don't know if it helped or not. I hate dealing with that kind of stuff by myself.

When we got home, hubby was like all you should have needed to do was push down and turn, like a medicine cap and it should have came right off. To which I said "prove it" and I marched him right out the garage with my hands on my hips and made him take it off. And he struggled with it, but evently got it off. But he agreed, especailly in the rain when it & my hands were wet, that I probably would not have gotten it off. They just brought my car bill, hopefully they won't charge for this.

Well I better get busy, my day's a wasting!


Jane! said...

Um, Tracie? If you want to keep your engine cool, you need to turn on the HEAT. Really. The hot air comes from blowing over the engine.

Good luck with that afternoon list. I am SO glad I don't have today off - almost killed myself 'ping-ponging' yesterday.

Dory said...

Well good grief. What a day.