Thursday, October 23, 2008

Just shoot me!

I swear to GOD I am surrounded by stupid people! (No not you guys)

Last night, I took Tink out to our local one stop store – like a Wal-mart only a whole lot smaller. I don’t got out there very often because every time I go out there I leave severely ticked off. But Tink needed some khaki pants for her vocal music concert tonight since the pair she has she can’t button and since the weather was so bad yesterday – rain turning to snow, high winds- we could not go to Kearney.

We pull into the parking lot and there is one spot near the building open, because the rest of parking lot is under water—seriously. But the car next to this one parking spot has their driver’s door open but they are loading something into their trunk. So I start pulling in slowly, thinking they would like you know SHUT their door. NO. They finished loading whatever they were doing then went into the building with the car door still hanging open. So I squeezed in anyway. IDIOTS!

We find some pants that she’s willing to wear, she grabs the size she thinks she needs. She didn’t want to try them on because she had just gotten out of v-ball practice and only had on her spandex (no undies). I looked at the priced. $27.99. To which I shrieked and said to Tink “I wouldn’t pay this much for pants if we were at name brand store.” Well, I might, but she better LOVE them!! But I was NOT expecting that prices at the discount store. But we had to have them. So now I’m irritated.

Then we proceed to the checkout. This boy she knows that use to be our neighbor was working out there and Tink didn’t want to go to his line, so we go to what APPEARS to be the next shortest. Get in line behind “Tom”. Now around here all you gotta say is “Tom” was there and everyone just goes “Ahh” and shakes their head. You don’t have to explain cuz everyone knows him.

Let’s just say, “Tom” believes he lives in the pioneer days. Dressed cowboy to the hilt during the day. Cross-dresser by night. People have spotted him out & about shopping dressed as an attractive woman – except for all that facial hair. “Tom” likes to get the reaction out of people. He’s also the, I guess you call it nice-rude. He’s very polite but he asks you do things for him that are so outlandish that you wouldn’t do for any other customer. And he pushes until you are so exasperated.. I could go on & on, but hopefully you get the point.

ANYWAY, so we’re in line behind Tom, he then leaves the line at the end of him being checked out and comes back with this big-A jug of whiskey. Of course the kid working the checkout line is not old enough to sell it so he has to ask for help. So the lady comes over deals with the alcohol tells Tom his total and he says “Well, I gotta go back out to the pickup and get my checkbook” I just rolled my eyes and shook my head!

In the meantime the lady that came to help with the alcohol opens another lane. So we move over there. But this other couple got in front of us. The couple from above with the car door. All she has is a Big-A jug of Vodka and a Nestle ice cream bar. (And I’m now thinking what’s up with all the big-A jugs of Alcohol) and she has ONES to pay for it. She’s shuffling through her money and says I know I have a ten in here somewhere and money is falling and it’s all crinkled up.

I looked at Tink and said “Just shoot me! Shoot me now!”


Tracie said...

Oh and the pants didn't even fit!

Jane! said...

Of course the pants didn't fit! They never do when your wits depend on it.
What I want to know is why you didn't grab yourself a big-A bottle of alcohol!

Guinevere said...

I would tend to agree with Jane on this one. You needed one big-A margarita, chickadee! lol

Hey, how'd the dance competition thing go??? You'll have to fill us in.

Kat said...

I would have made her stand in the clothes section and tried the pants on over here spandex shorts! Then picked up A big jug of liqour too!

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The Lady in Pearls said...

Been there. Done that. Bought the pants that didn't fit!!

Margarita anyone?
Take care!